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Intentional Home Buying Podcast


The amount of daylight is growing longer each day which means I will soon be running in the evening without a head lamp! It also means that the Spring home buying season is fast approaching. A home purchase is often one of the biggest financial transactions you will make during your lifetime which can lead to financial stress.  There is also the stress of looking for your dream home while prioritizing sometimes conflicting goals like available finances, saving for retirement, commute distance and neighborhood amenities.

I was recently interviewed in a podcast titled “Finances and Intentionality in a Home Purchase”  on the web site www.survivingtheamericandream.org.  The web site is run by Mr. Bill Joyce, a Broker and Owner of Charter~Home in Sacramento, CA.  

Mr. Joyce states that “Surviving The American Dream is my attempt to encourage a more cautious and modest approach to home buying.  Forget the Dream Home and think 'Dream Life'. Family, health, community, finances, leisure, retirement, time.  A home is a small component of the life well lived...but the decisions we make when buying a home permeate every aspect of our lives from that point forward... largely because of the under-appreciated financial obligation you are making and the surprising ways home choice impacts nearly every aspect of your life.”

The guidance and information provided on his site nicely aligns with my overall philosophy to comprehensive financial planning. My intent is to help you understand your finances and create a plan for the financial future you desire that may include the wise purchase of a home. As the Spring housing season approaches, I encourage you to listen my guest podcast and further explore the wealth of information on the Surviving the American Dream web site.  You may find some valuable insights regarding the home buying process before making the biggest purchase of your life.